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Fin' amors, encounter between the Orient and the Occident
Interreligious dialogue

Christmas Oratorio, J.S. Bach

Schirin Partowi presented us with a genuine, deep and open contralto voice.
St. Reinoldi Dortmund, RZ

In a pleasing way Schirin Partowi stepped into the foreground which her role created for a contralto with velvet tones and all the alto ranges, particularly requiring a sustained deep tone of great substance.
St. Reinoldi Dortmund, WAZ

.... The performance of the soloists was equally very impressive. The Aria Nr 14 “Schlafe mein Liebster...” with contralto Schirin Partowi was exquisite. She combined vocal beauty with emotional passion coupled with subtle, gentle tempi giving this aria a compassionate interpretation...
Bremen Cathedral, Weserkurier

It was a particular pleasure to listen to the contralto Schirin Partowi. Her voice complemented the overall sound beautifully and her interpretation of the emotional arias was compelling in its unpretentious nature – for example, the aria “Schlafe mein Liebster...” the initial tone held for more than three and a half bars almost without vibralto, captivating, full of heavenly peace.
Lübeck Cathedral, Lübecker Nachrichten

... if the tenor provides something like the leitmotiv, Schirin Partowi gives the evening its heart. Her contralto touches us, she sings with a compelling conviction as if wanting to communicate with each one of us personally.
St. Johannis Lüneburg, Landeszeitung Lüneburg

... the most beautiful timbre was revealed by the contralto Schirin Partowi. Christalline tone nuances gave the recitatives and arias a radiance and a darkly illuminating atmosphere.
City church Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth, WZ

.... in first place: the contralto Schirin Partowi. So beautiful, so heartfelt and unreservedly appealing (also because the text is largely sung from memory), so full of expression and harmony – rarely are arias sung in this way. Lingering tones became a world of electrifying experiences and Baroque coloratura gave her such pleasure in their musical arrangements that it inspired the audience as it listened with anticipation.
Altenberg Cathedral, Kölner Stadtanzeiger


Philharmonie Luxemburg, Probe, Foto: Männerkammerchor ( http://ensemble85.blogspot.com/)
Mass in b-minor, J. S. Bach

... with great power of conviction in her text interpretation and musical arrangement Schirin Partowi took on both an excellent contralto part as well as a darkly coloured soprano2 in the duet “Christi eleison”
Arolsen Baroque festivals

... This expression of faith so important to the composer culminates in the most beautiful aria of the Mass in B Minor, the “Agnus Dei. The beauty of Schirin Partowi's contralto voice leant it an exceptional warmth and sincerity in expression and musicality.
St. Johannis Hagen, Westfalenpost

... Impeccabili nell`intonazione e negli attacchi i solisti tra cui spiccava il contralto Schirin Partowi...
Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo Venezia, La Nuova


John Passion, J. S. Bach

...Schirin Partowi sang the contralto with a clear, light tone, dynamically variable and with minimal vibrato.
Johannes Church Düsseldorf, Rheinische Post

...The contralo Schirin Partowi was a considerable enhancement to the soloist team. Her self-confident and beautiful contralto voice had already been heard in in the Johannis Church the year before. Her heartfelt interpretation of the aria “Es ist vollbracht” made an unforgettable impression on the listeners.
St. Johannis Hagen, Westfälische Rundschau


Elias, Mendelssohn

.... with a keen intensity the contralto Schirin Partowi took on the style of the production . From a bewitching animation in the recitatives of the angel to the highly dramatic expression in Arioso “Weh ihnen, dass sie von mir weichen” she effortlessly applied a wide range of expressions.
St.Martini Bremen Die Norddeutsche

... The contralto Schirin Partowi, however, brought both together. She captivated the audience with her warm and richly hued voice and tone.
Kreuzeskirche Essen, WAZ


Juditha triumphans, Vivaldi

... The singing roles could not have been cast better: exceptionally good, the contralto Schirin Partowi, who performs the role of Holofernes, Nebuchadnezzar's knightly general, powerfully and convincingly.
Arolsen Baroque festivals


Samson, Handel

... out of all the powerful soloists Schirin Partowi was the most outstanding as Micha. She showed a versatility and warmth with her individually coloured contralto voice.
Marienkirche Höxter, Westfalen- Blatt


Philharmonie Köln 2008 , Philharmonischer Chor Köln, Leitung Horst Meinardus
Requiem, Verdi

The main emphasis of this work, however, lies with the four soloists who have a considerable impact on the overall impression. This could have been more harmonious. The mezzo soprano Schirin Partowi was very convincing with her variable high registers and volume range. A transitory feeling of peace and mercy was unfurled in her “Eternal light” (Lux aeterna). In another part, with clear diction, she took on the almost frightening tone of an accusing avenging angel (Liber scriptus) and together with the soprano ...... a depth and sincerity was achieved .... the duets “Redordare, Jesu pie” and “Agnus Dei” ...
Altenberg Cathedral, Kölner Stadtanzeiger


Bruder Lustig, Siegfried Wagner

With refined mezzo and sheer enthusiasm Schirin Partowi plays an elfish, anarchical witch who gets tremendous pleasure from letting off a few immoral fireworks into the prudish, petty world.
Theater Hagen, Die Welt

.. She is represented by Schirin Partowi with a remarkable presence on the stage.
Online Musik Magazin

Schirin Partowi as Urme and .... cleverly impart the dramatic emphasis without exaggerating.
Fono Forum

Schirin Partowi's Mrs Urme alone is worth a visit to the opera. With undeniable pleasure in this role she turned the sorceress into an inscrutable, intangible figure, both lascivious and demonic.The indisputable climax was her final song in the third act in which she intensified her dark seductive powers to a fascination from which noone could escape.
Ruhr Nachrichten


Fin' amors, encounter between the Orient and the Occident

... With their love for faraway countries Schirin Partowi and ..... portray the paths along which occidental and oriental music cross, impact and influence each other...... If this insight is a surprise to some of the audience, the concert itself is definitely a surprise to all. Simply hearing “Hildegard von Bingen” at the beginning was an electrifiying experience. With a beautiful contralto voice, free of any belcanto schmalz, Schirin Partowi instantly transported the audience into the Middle Ages .... The occidental parts of the concert alone were beautiful. Even more beautiful, however, when the singer, as a native-born Iranian is able to perform Persian songs. There are three songs, each accompanied by only one instrument: lute solo, large drum solo and bass fiddle. And it is particularly the last duo which is performed with an intensity that almost takes your breath away.... Singer and instrumentalist of “Fin'amors” display a persuasive power from the first bar, and as if transformed into a dream they move surely along the path between the cultures, producing an unexpected depth of colour for four soloists and this number of instruments. .... it is a captivating concert which simply knows how to enchant and inspire.
St. Martini Bremen, Die Norddeutsche

La voix veloutée et investie de Schirin Partowi a donné à son concert en l´Abbatiale d´Aubazine
une émotion intense et jubilatoire.
Schirin Partowi, connue comme chanteuse d´opéra, a montré ses qualités vocales exceptionelles,
également dans ce répertoire des troubadours. Cette poesie lyrique est la fin´amor, ce qui signifie en occitan amour à la fois sublimé et courtois d´un chevalier á une dame. Cette poesie est née ici en Corrèze à Ventadour. Elle est aussi d´inspiration espagnole et arabe. Schirin Partowi, de mère allemande et de père médecin iranien, porte en elle cette double culture européenne et persane. Abbatiale d´Aubazine, Corrèze



Frank Martin: “In terra pax”

Dedicated to the silence of weapons
Münster – the Second World War with its manifold horrors, which can hardly be expressed in words, and the day of armistice on the eighth of May 1945 are the main features of Frank Martin’s “In terra pax”.  Because the oratorium, commissioned by Radio Geneva, was first performed on the day of armistice. …. “In terra pax” consists of four parts, which smoothly flow from one to the next. The third part, for example, begins with a long and very touching alto aria sung with empathy by Schirin Partowi. The vibrato sparingly dispersed, seeking the wide range and occasionally quite brusque, then again surprisingly simple, was very convincing …..
WESTFÄLISCHE NACHRICHTEN April 24, 2010 on the concert in St Lamberti, Munster

On the end of the horror
Bielefeld – whoever truly wishes to  appreciate peace should firstly take a look at the war. Consequently the “Concert for peace” in the Oetkerhalle on Sunday evening,  … in memory of the end of the Second World War 65 years ago, initially put the horrors of war into focus using sound…
Schirin Partowi impressed with effortless dominance and her alto voice with its natural timbre in all ranges.
… and particularly in the aria “Voici mon serviteur” with intensive creativity.
Neue Westfälische April 27, 2010 on the concert in the  Rudolf Oetkerhalle, Bielefeld

… audio sample


Interreligious dialogue

“The end of the trip through the land of the mosques in the Ruhr is completed by an interreligious prayer of peace in Essen’s Fatih mosque. After Siegmar Gabriel and his guests have taken their seats in front of the minbar, the pulpit, pastors and hodjas  share their prayers. ... And finally the singer Schirin Partowi, a master of Bach cantatas, lets her powerful voice soar through the magnificent dome. She sings an ecumenical praise of God in Arabic and in English: “Oh Lord, the Light of my Life”. Partowi shakes her impressive mane of curls when pausing. An Iranian-German woman without a headscarf sings in the mosque about Allah and the Christian God as if they were both good neighbours.  And the pastors and Hodjas put a good face on it. When it is over she says: “That you have let me do this is a huge step.”
The significance of this step is made clear by a glance at the gallery. The women of the local community are standing there, each one wearing a headscarf and separated from the male worshippers filling the ground floor of the mosque.  What are they thinking of Schirin Partowi? Do they only dream in Turkish?”
Fatih mosque, Essen, Die Zeit, 31.3.2010

„… 200 meters away from the demonstration stands the Fatih mosque, an imposing building in the Ottoman style in the middle of the old mining part of the town not far from the Zollverein mine…

In the prayer hall … two imams, a Catholic priest and a Protestant pastor are chanting a prayer resembling  a canon before the German-Persian singer Schirin Partowi approaches the lectern and powerfully sings the Muslim “Ta la al” (all hail) and the Christian song “The light of my life…”
Fatih mosque, Essen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 29, 2010


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