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The motifs in the picture bar at the top show in consecutive order:

A segment from a leather tapestry from Flanders from the 17th century Baroque.
(Hunting lodge Herdringen)

A bird with an ivy motif from a fresco in the Villa Poppea from the 1st century BC. (Opplontis/Pompeji)

A Langobardic whorl pattern symbolising the interaction of the earthly and the spiritual
(Kirche, Gazzo Veronese)

A Roman bird mosaic,
photographed in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Persian ornametal repoussé work, lid, casket

Persian miniature painting, fable scenes on mother-of-pearl, bracelet

A Langobardic braid pattern, four whorls, symbols of the never-ending circle of life, 8th century,
(Sarcophagus of Sant' Apollinare in Classe/Ravenna)

See picture on the right for complete pattern.





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